Gamer's Dinner 2005-2006

4/1/2006 Dinner
4/2/2005 Game

This year the course we were going to have next was determined by the roll of a
twenty sided die. The pictures below are in the order that we ate the meal, and the
course numbers on the slide indicates the number that was rolled. That is one way
to keep the chef on his toes!
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The courses:




The People:

Bay Area
Michael, Celia, and Shane Weller
Terry Barwegen
Joe and Ginny Buccelli
Jennifer and Dave Krull
Jerome Lanig
Clay and Patty Maeckel
Vlad Marincovic and Jenai
Syd Polk, Jade Burns, and Elizabeth
Rick Reynolds and Bill
Lisa Rose

Southern California
Steve and Val Grover
Keith and Lorie Holt

Emily Grover

John Bellando


Dinner/Game Pictures:

Getting together

Before the feast

First set of workers

Setting the ground rules

Happy Birthday Taylor!

Taking notes

The AV nerd

Course descriptions projected on wall by said nerd

The new fashion in sunglasses

Ticket to the game on Sunday

Good vs...

Evil, let the race begin

  <-- Missing person  

The whole gaming group (btw Evil won)



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