Bold Venture

Articles of Incorporation and Charter for the Bold Venture Adventuring Company


This document describes the incorporation, intentiation, and composition of the group of adventurers known as the Bold Venture Adventuring Company, hereinafter referred to as "Bold Venture". It contains a number of appendices describing the bylaws by which Bold Venture operates both in the field and between contracts.


Bold Venture was initiated by the wealthy and influential Sembian ex-Patriot Jellicose Theldegger, Esq. during the month of Eleint during the Year of the Worm, 1356 DR. Having a purse whose depth was only matched by his desire for adventure, the bold young noble struck out on a course that would change history.

Plans were made and handbills delivered throughout the Realms for applicants to come to the Old Skull Inn in Shadowdale the first Ride of Mirtul in the Year of the Prince, 1357 DR. The first 10 qualified applicants would be hired to form the core of Bold Venture. It was assumed that over time Bold Venture would grow in number based on it's successes.

Jellicose Theldegger, Esq. established the Company name and title and registered the Company with local authorities using funds established for this purpose. All those signing this document and listed under "Composition" came together to form Bold Venture.


The goals of Bold Venture are many. Firstly, it is to act as an investment for it's sole monetary investor, Jellicose Theldegger, Esq. In this manner, it must turn a profit which substantially competes with other potential uses of the invested money.

Secondly, it is to commit acts of Good, designed to thwart Evil whenever possible. In this regard, given equal opportunities for profit, Bold Venture will choose that which does the more Good. Furthermore, in cases where a contract could only result in Evil, Bold Venture will refuse said contract.

Thirdly, it is to provide opportunities for acts of Bravery and Honor on the part of it's constituents. In this regard, all constituents will be treated as equals given their individual skills and gifts so that none may claim honor from another. Also in this, opportunities to make public announcements and disclosure regarding said acts of Bravery and Honor will be searched for and concluded in an exemplary manner.


Bold Venture consists of the following Brave and Honorable constituents:





Jellicose Theldegger, Esq.




This document signed and dated between the First and Tenth of Mirtul in the Year of the Prince, 1357 DR as indicated below by the above written constituents. Document drafted and prepared for Jellicose Theldegger, Esq. by Allrose Ranyon on the 15th of Tarsakh in the Year of the Prince, 1357 DR.

Appendix I -- Distribution of Responsibility and Naming of Positions

First among equals in Bold Venture is it's founder and Captain Jellicose Theldegger, Esq. Jellicose Theldegger, Esq. is the final arbiter of all disputes arising from Bold Venture functions and is to be obeyed on all Bold Venture decisions. As First among equals, Jellicose Theldegger, Esq. will take counsel from all constituents of the company offering it. All decisions will be made within the boundaries of the "Intentiations" section of the Articles of Incorporation.

Given the demands of operating Bold Venture and acquiring lucrative contracts, Jellicose will only rarely have opportunity to lead Bold Venture on it's missions. For these reasons, a Commander must be appointed from within the constituents of Bold Venture. This Commander will have the rights of the Captain as described above during missions where the Captain is unavailable. This Commander will have Subaltern duties as described below for the Captain when said Captain is leading missions. The current Commander for Bold Venture is:


There will come opportunities where neither the Captain or Commander are available to issue orders and make decisions. In these cases, a third leader will be required, such as when the company is forced to pursue multiple avenues and must therefore divide itself. This third leader will be called Subaltern and currently is:


In order to satisfy the demands of adequate publicity for the Third Intention, it will be necessary for someone to chronicler the events as they happen. This chroniclization can only occur if the chronicler is attendant upon the events and must therefore be a constituent of Bold Venture. The chronicler currently is:-


All Company supplies, such as food and water, will be acquired and managed by Jellicose Theldegger, Esq. through the use of his squire and personal assistant Allrose Ranyon. Since Allrose Ranyon will not be accompanying Bold Venture on any of it's missions, it's imperative that a constituent carefully record and track the usage of said supplies. The individual in this position, known as victualer is currently:


Appendix II -- Portioning and Division of Spoils

All constituents will receive equal shares of all spoils recovered while on Bold Venture business. Only those constituents participating in said mission will be eligible for division of those spoils, and they will receive it in equal shares.

In addition to the constituents, there will be two additional shares portioned out and divided. The Share of the First part goes to Jellicose Theldegger, Esq. as recompense for his financial backing and contract acquisition. The Share of the Second part goes to Bold Venture for use in acquiring expendable supplies and general use of the Company. All remaining parts are shared equally among the constituents participating in the mission on which the spoils are acquired. Jellicose Theldegger, Esq. will be considered a constituent for those missions he actively participates in.

If there are unforeseen expenses of a grievous nature that can not be covered by the Bold Venture funds accumulated as the Share of the Second part, then these expenses will be taken from the spoils before being portioned and divided. The list of unforeseen expenses may include donations required for expensive church services such as restoration of lost life energy, curse removal, and dead raising. It would also include the purchasing of specific magic items required for the completion of a mission, although said items would revert to Bold Venture after completion unless paid for by a constituent.

On the division of spoils, easily liquidated items, such as gems and jewelry, are to be counted as their value in coin when performing division. They can be traded for actual coin or kept in their original form. Less liquidatable items, such as magic weaponry will be counted as half their value in coin when performing division. In those cases where multiple constituents are desirous of the same less liquidatable item, the constituent offering to exchange it for the highest value in coin will be granted it for the value bid.

All portioning and division of spoils will occur after the mission is completed and any disputes will be settled by Jellicose Theldegger, Esq. Use of spoil items, where beneficial to the completion of said mission, will not constitute ownership by the constituent until the portioning and division occurs afterward.

All constituents are required to maintain their own supplies specific to their occupation or position with their own funds. Bold Venture funds will supply needs that are a requirement for the whole Company, including food and water.

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