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Male Human
Rick Reynolds
Female Shield Dwarf
Scott Walker
Female Human
Patty Maeckel
Male Half-Orc
Terry Barwegen
Male Human Paladin
Clay Maeckel
Male Halfling
Syd Polk
Female Gnome
Gina Grandolfo
Female Human
Scott Beyer

Bayushi Saigo

He is the 5th child of a minor branch of the Bayushi family. Father is Bayushi Hideo and mother is Shosuro Kimiko. His grandfather, Bayushi Ebi, was a well-known Scorpion-clan diplomat-courtier and married to Kakita Asami, a famous Crane-clan beauty and diplomat-courtier. It was Bayushi Ebi who suggested that this Bayushi family sept needed more samurai in the new generation to help build Bayushi & Scorpion honor.

The fifth child of Bayushi Hideo, Bayushi Saigo was trained in a pre-Samurai finishing school. He graduated and then went on to the famous Bayushi Samurai School where he has completed his first and part of his second year. He is trying hard to live up to his Grandfather's expectations of a generation of great Scorpion samurai.

He had volunteered for patrol duty in Shinomen Forest and joined the great hunt for clues to the assassination of Toturi in this forest when a flaw in the Weave resulted in an errant spell ripping him out of Rokugan and depositing him in Faerun. 



Female shield dwarf fighter/cleric of Clangeddin.



Female human cleric of Lathander. Member of the clergy of the church of Lathander in Silverymoon.



Male half-orc fighter.


Milo Bottomleaf

Milo Bottomleaf comes from a family of halfling gypsies in the Northern Reaches. Once he reached maturity, he got tired of living on the wagons and decided to see the world. On his initial foray into the world, he heard about a group of adventurers, and decided to sign up with Bold Venture. It has been an eye-opening experience.

Appearance: 3' 3", 45 lbs. Wavy brown hair, kept cut shortish. Dimples. Wears brown clothing; tries to blend in with the crowd.


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