GenCon 1999

Being a fan of the Settler's of Catan I found this board very fun!

Mike Weller getting his 7th Sea book signed by John Wick

Mike Buckalew preparing for the Shadowrun tournament

Shadowrun team members Rick Reynolds, Syd Polk, Mike Weller, and Mike Buckalew.

The two Mikes near the end of a Shadowrun round

This was the TransysNeuroNet Shadowrun team.
We came in second place. (Picture from Syd's web site)

Pirates, Argggg...
Clockwise from left: Mike Weller, Patricia and Greg McMillin, Robert Defendi,
Tim Adkins, John Bellando, Rick Reynolds, and Patty Maeckel

Patty with "Leeches", Rick the "Purple", and "Irish" Mike

Patty and Rick (where is Clay?) plus two Mikes

Last updated November 24, 1999
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