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Sister Margaret

Born to a good Catholic family 65 years ago as Edna Smith. She was the oldest of three sisters, all daughters of a blacksmith. As the oldest, opportunity should have been hers, but that was not to be her fate. Edna, unfortunately, inherited her father's stockiness and looks. Not so bad had she been a boy. But as she grew, she just seemed to hit one branch after another down the ugly tree. Nevertheless, she was a good child, and her father often indulged her and let her hang around the smithy.

When Edna was thirteen, their mother died of illness and responsibility of the household was left to Edna. Dutifully, and without complaint she raised her younger sisters and took care of their home. The youngest sister, Mavis, had a mind for the books and eventually became a school teacher. The middle sister, Sarah, was sweet and had her mother's looks and married off at the respectable age of 17 to a nice young man. Edna, well, she resigned herself to watching the years and her life pass her by. Tragedy struck the family the family one more time when Mavis, ten years into her career as a teacher, was attacked and killed while walking home one night.

The murder was under mysterious circumstances. The police said there were very strange wounds like she had been killed by something with claws. If they lived somewhere other than London, they may have thought it a bear attack. No suspect was ever found.

The blacksmith continued to work until a very old age - well into his seventies, and extremely rare for the time. He lived ten years beyond that and finally died at a ripe old age, being cared for by Edna. That's when she found out her father had accumulated a great deal of debt. The small, humble house was claimed. There were not many options for Edna. She did not wish to go in to servitude, and so, not having any marketable skills, and always being one of strong faith, she joined the convent. After many months of prayer and counsel, she fulfilled her calling and became Sister Margaret. Over sixty years of life had passed her by, and being a tough old broad she decided to do something that truly made a difference. She longed for adventure and eventually was chosen as a worthy candidate for the Order of St. George.


The Lynstrums

From San Francisco.

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