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Vlad Marincovic
Rick Reynolds
Roland Kippenhan
Mike Weller
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Patty Maeckel
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Clay Maeckel


Ba Oro Ba is a 5'2" 150 pound layed back, quiet and recluse male human. If he didn't smell of herbs and peat moss, you could almost forget he was there. He left the Rast Vorn at an early age, having become bored with his way of life. He started life in the outside world as a spy, working for the Clan-chiefs of his tribe. Although he did send occassional reports back to his forest home, he became less interested in his past, and more interested in what the outside world could offer him in his future. He soon fell in with an unscrupulous merchant in the city of Sudri. This merchant taught him the ways of the outside world and the value of greed and gold. His boyish appearance made him ideal in assisting the confidence schemes of his new found benefactor.

When he had learned what he could, he set off north to the great port city of Tharbad, leaving his tutor to the smallness of his crimes. This decaying metropolis was ripe for moneymaking and he soon found employment as a hired killer. His skills and temperment were well suited to this business and he gained access to its underworld network and is now owed a favor by a high ranking official. Occassionally, things get a little too hot and he has to leave town for a while until they cool down. His most recent excursion has brought him north, into Rhudaur and the Inn at the Last Bridge.



Baruch is a Dwarven Axeman and Gharnurghir of the house of Belegost of the tribe of Beleg. He left the Ered Luin some time ago and lived for a time in TK where he was a soldier and siege warfare specialist in the city guard.

He is a Dwarf of Gabilgathol which the humans and elves named Belegost but his people where scattered 3700 years ago and live now in the Ered Luin. He currently doesn't really have a home. He is 71 years old, 5'2" and 185 pounds with dark brown hair and grey eyes.

He has a sister, a silversmith, who married a dwarf of Khazad-dum and lives there now.

Paternal Lineage

Son of Bartu, a Captain of the Garnurghir whose role was the training of young recruits;
Son of Barg, a specialist in siege engine design and siege warfare strategies & tactics;
of the house of Belegost;
of the tribe of Beleg.

Maternal Lineage

Son of Tholin, a Shield-maiden famous for her hand at calligraphy;
Daughter of Fredu, a scholar, historian, and glass-blower who specialized in intricate glass containers;
of the house of Nogro;
of the tribe of Beleg.
"The world was young, the mountains green,
No stain yet on the Moon was seen,
No words were laid on stream or stone,
When Durin woke and walked alone.
He named the nameless hills and dells;
He drank from yet untasted wells;
He stooped and looked in Mirrormere,
And saw a crown of stars appear,
As gems upon a silver thread,
Above the shadow of his head."



Cletus Harker was born in the woods of the Trollshaws, to a small family of woodsmen. He spent much of his youth wandering the Trollshaws. That he lives today is testament to his survivability. Living with the land, he gets what he needs, despite the perversions brought about by Angmar and the Witch-king.

If you spend time with Cletus, you note a couple of things that surprise you. In addition to his bow, he has an Eket in his scabbard - an unlikely survival tool! Also his cloak seems to change with the surroundings which lead you to believe it must be of Elven manufacture. How could he have come by that? Most questions that are asked of him are somehow turned around so that you end up telling him much more about yourself than you ever find out about him. Cletus's secret!

Green eyes calmly track your movements. It seems odd that you didn't
notice him sooner, given his 6foot 200 pound frame. It must just be
that he appears so travel stained that he fits in with the surroundings.



Eleneth ``Starshadow" was born 41 summers ago in Imladris, known to others as Rivendell, the Last Homely House East of the Sea. His father rides with the Dunedain and patrols Arthedain, returning often to Imladris for council. His mother also works against the Witch King, though what she does has never been made clear. Eleneth knows she is very good at magic, and far better than he at opening things. Because both of his parents were often away from Rivendell, Eleneth was raised by a Dunedain woman named Uvathurviel; none of his many character faults should be blamed on this hard-working, bardicly-trained saint of patience.

The problem was Imladris itself. As soon as Eleneth could toddle about, the most fascinating part of Middle Earth lay within reach. Magic was there for the inhaling. And secrets!! Music, lore, magic was to be found in an inexhaustible supply. Eleneth soon suffered a life-long case of RIADD: Rivendell inspired attention deficit disorder. With so much to do, he tried to do it all. Nothing held his attention, and with so much coming in, he remembered very little. He picked up languages and music with ease, fell into his share of acrobatics, and in spite of himself learned the bow and kynac. But through many misadventures and failed lessons, two things consistently held his attention: magic and locks.

Rivendell has many uses for locks. Though no one there is actually thought to be in league with dark forces, there is much stored there which is better left unknown. But with magic so thick everyone partakes of it, more mundane means are used to keep secrets secret. The best locks of many races are used throughout Imladris, and Eleneth has had a try at most of them. When he found locks he could not pick, he turned to the other passion which had always held his attention: magic. His mother taught him much, and Eleneth found other secrets. Some locks still remain beyond his abilities, but these are among the limited collection of things he always remembers.

Eleneth has also had a bit of success at delving the biggest secret of them all: his own destiny. Once a day, by concentrating for a moment, Eleneth's Wyrd is made clear to him, and he knows what path to take. It was this sense which led him out of Rivendell, where he met Cletus, and it was the same understanding which enabled Eleneth to track down the mysterious outdoorsman. What lies ahead remains unknown, but not for long if Eleneth has aught to say about it....

Eleneth Starshadow is a 6'7" 160 pound Noldo elf with golden hair, violet eyes, an overwhelming curiosity and a complete inability to focus on anything. He remembers most people, all locks and magic, and little else.



John Smith has talent with horses, foraging, and getting ripped to shreds by wild boars. He is a 21 year old male, 5' 5" and 140 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. Non-descript except for star birthmark on face. Grew up in orphanage and became shepherd. Had ___ which taught reading, writing, languages. Only real friends have been horses and dogs. Puts on hick air, but has practiced speaking like Cardolan nobility


Lachpaur (Character Sheet)

Lachpaur is the third son of Golodhilach and Gwaidir from the Harlindon hills. Golodhilach fought in the War of the Last Alliance and saw many of his kindred die in that bloody war. He has decided to stay in Middle Earth to keep Lindon open for any elf that is ready to go West and has taught his three sons to do the same. Lachpaur, the youngest, has had his initial training in Lindon and has been told to wander Eriador for fifty years to learn of its peoples and places. He is also suppose to concentrate on the physical skills as the mystical studies do not begin until his 150th birthday.

Lachpaur is a six and half foot tall fair Sinda elf with blond hair and pale blue eyes in a gray cloak with a chain shirt, shield, and long Kynac. He is 61 years old and weighs 190 pounds. When traveling in well populated areas, he will raise his cloak headpiece and try to pass himself off as a Dunedain.



Rotger Funch <No description from Terry yet>

The ugly part of the river rat twins. (Male 30 Blond hair Blue eyes 6' 2" 225#)


Rudda (Character Sheet)

Rudda Funch <No description from Patty yet>

The pretty part of the river rat twins. (Female 30 Red hair Blue eyes 5' 8" 150#)



Rumiol's Youth

Until the age of fourteen, Rumiol continued to apprentice to both his parents' crafts. Then, at the Festival of Arms at High Summer, Rumiol enlisted in the Ostirith as all his forefathers in memory had. Because he was still small for his age, Rumiol concentrated on building his strength, and within the year had doubled his bulk. And while he can at times perform feats of incredible strength, he is still cursed with an occasional inability to control that strength, and it became known that you did not want Rumiol as a wrestling training partner after he broke a few forearms. During this time, his training commander recognized the usefulness of having a soldier who could also work healing magic, so Rumiol was able to continue studying with his mother.

By sixteen, Rumiol was granted a commission and began service as a gate guard. By eighteen he had earned his first promotion after saving a nobleman from being crushed by the massive gate when one of the winches was accidentally released from its catch. As a Sergeant, Rumiol was put in command of 9 footsoldiers as part of the perimeter patrol. It was during this time that Belweg became part of a newly formed outrider division of the Ostirith, responding to reports of increased activity of the minions of the Witch King. It was on the first of these missions that Belweg's company did not return; all were presumed dead.

The House of Amondain

The House of Amondain have served in the Ostirith garrison for generations, and the smattering of ancient Dunedain noble blood that runs in the family's veins has instilled a sense of purpose, duty, and directness well-suited to military life.

Belweg has already achieved the rank of Major in the Ostirith by the time Rumiol was old enough to begin training at arms. Though small for his age, the lad held steadfastly to his training, exhibiting the quiet perseverance that he had been taught to emulate from his earliest days.

Notwithstanding her delicate beauty, Idran also held a position as a non-commissioned healer in the Ostirith. Her family hailed from the Northern mountains and had long practiced healing and magic. Fearing that her son would not grow to the stature necessary to become an officer of note within the Ostirith, she convinced Belweg to also allow Rumiol to train in the healing arts, thus ensuring that he could do service to his homeland either with the sword or with magic.

Rumiol Amondain, son of Belweg and Idran, has just reached his 19th birthday as he sets out on his journey. He has attained a goodly stature of 6'2" and 225#. His eyes and hair are jet black; he wears his shoulder-length hair loose and sports a beard.

A member of the Ostirith, he is currently on a special mission. Rumiol was recruited to journey alone and without insignia to track the movements of enemy troops, make contact with any and all forces of good be they organized or simple wanderers, and especially to report on the knowledge or discovery of any artifacts of power that could aid Fornost Erain in any battle with the Witch King.

Tim (Character Sheet)

Tim is Lachpaur's replacement character.

Second born albino son of the magistrate of Dinarch who is the nephew of Ernil Hallas of Dol Tinereb. Real name is Lintin Tinereb. Currenly training as a magician at a secret guild in Tharbad that is funded by Curunír. Entry into the guild requires castration.

Albino eunuch. (Male 27 White hair Pink eyes 6' 0" 160#)


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