Unfortunate Souls in Middle Earth

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Clay Maeckel
Mike Weller
Scott Walker
Patty Maeckel


Petroff Slaybin was a finder of artifacts, usually hired by minor nobles or the wealthy of Arthedain. He always returned the item they were seeking if he found it, but many other things they never knew about was fenced by other friends. Pete always knew where the best taverns were and if he had the money, he would often buy rounds of drink for everyone present. His last adventure was the search for the "Kine's Horn" that was part of the Low Road Bandit's treasure hoard. He was killed by Fuilcwian, a descendent of the bandits who held the key to the treasure hoard vault.

Four foot tall Fallohide, light brown hair, hazel eyes, bare hairy feet, in a leather jacket and brown trousers. Wears two silver chain necklaces, a sling tied to his belt, and when walking around was usually juggling a single rock.

"Poor Pete is dead. He was a sneaky little hobbit that could pick locks with the best of them! He carried the rock ShinBreaker and used it to save Ba Oro Ba from the huge broadsword wielding 4th level warrior, Fuilcwian. Unfortunately Fuilcwian had the last word. Greed overtook Pete. Pete grabbed a handful of bronze coins and tried to jump out a window, but fell instead. While on the ground Fuilcwian's sword swung true and just about cleaved off poor Pete's leg. We were unable to save the leg and Pete."



Sindell was a Dunedain of Arnor, of the Royal line of Isildur and of the Royal house of Arthedain.

He fell to his death from the 200' tall cliffs above the fabled Low Lake of the Cardolani Trollshaws. Prior to that he demonstrated his prowess with a sword by destroying a 12 year old's brain with a single stroke.

"Though much is taken, much abides; and though,
We are not now that strength which in elder days
Moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are.
One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will.
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield."
                -Lord Alfred Tennyson, Ulysses.


Vicandall (or is it Wicendal?)

I am Torfiriath. I have no family nor home. I have held the deaths of my kin and comrades in my body and have lost them all. The only remnant is that I am Torfiriath. The rest of me will be known in the days to come.

I was too young to aid my parents, too slow to save my sister, too weak to save my comrade Elves who taught me of the Music of Creation. They all are the notes of melancholy that ride the edges of my voice.

"I have felt life and death in my own body, I have tasted them whole in my mouth. I have heard the cries of birth and death in my own voice through my own ears. I share my life and my death with those who fight the encroaching dark. I seek dischord, and I will stalk it at its heels until I share my death with the land itself."


Skye (Character Sheet)

Skye Greenbriar. (Female Fallohide 39 Light Brown hair Amber eyes 4' 0" 75#)

A huge boot wearin', ferret carryin', raccoon lovin', horse ridin', item findin', swingin' from a rope, hobbit! She has left the party to help the flooded towns.

Hi! I am Skye. I am an unusual sort of hobbit which is quite evident since I like to wear shoes and because I can stand out in a hobbit crowd. Well, I also like to wander around, too, which is not exactly normal for most hobbits, either. So, let's suffice it to say that I am distinct hobbit.

So why did I decide to start adventuring? It all began when I met this hobbit in town named Coldomac Tunnelly. He's a remarkable hobbit from an uncommon family. He and his grandfather before him traveled past the boundaries of Breeland and met some of the other races which most hobbits don't generally associated with unless absolutely called for. Anyway, I admired Coldomac eventhough some other hobbits considered him "strange." I found him fascinating. Coldomac knows much Elven lore, and he even speaks Sindarin which he generously taught me. I aspire to be as good an archer as he is; one day I will also swing a short with as much might as he has.

Did I say that I grew up in Breeland? Well, I did, and I met some very interesting folk there, too. There was Elfie Heathertoes who taught me theways of the healer while I was at Heatherstone farm. Rory, her son, showed me the proper way to care and communicate with horses and ponies. During my stay there, I also met Hobson Greenhands who used to school Rory's children. He had a fine collection of Elven tomes.

From there, I moved on to work at the King's Rest Inn which is owned by Ham and Cora Rushy. I helped work the stable for the guests; I really enjoyed this job. Sometimes, a guest's horse or pony needed to be reshod, so I would take it across the way to Bernar Mossy, the local smithy. Now there's a guy you don't want to get angry at you; he's really big. Let's see, I also met Helvorn, who's a ranger. He told me stories of the lands south of Breeland and of the horrible things that can be out there.

It was during this time I met someone very special. His name was Petroff or Pete, but I called him "Petey." He was a fine hobbit much like myself. We saw eye to eye on many things, and he did not notice my footware. Unfortunately, he met with an untimely death. I still miss him. Luckily, I had Cory, my pony, and Vana and Fana, my ferret and racoon friends. Petey's death made me want to adventure even more to forget about how I felt, so I sought the group we were adventuring with and took up with them again.

We have found treasures; we have fought trolls and orcs and goblins. I even have a small troll horn. When Petey and I started adventuring, I wanted to meet Elves which I have done now. There are not exactly as I imagined them to be. Some are closer than others. One is almost as good as I am at finding things. I have met a dwarf who fights with all his heart; now I know why the Tunnellys have that Dwarven armor.

Currently, our group entered a town that suffered much in recent floods. I have decided to stay here and help the people repair and rebuild. I also need to take a rest and reflect on what has happened. I think that this will be good for me. I did notice a woman in town who seems to have a very special relationship with a beer drinking bear. Maybe he and I can share a barrel of ale together.Who knows what one can learn from a bear!

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