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François Gerard de Monteuil
Syd Polk
Reise Thorsen
Roland Kippenhan
Rudolf Lustigreisen
Mike Buckalew
Rudolpho Padilla
Patty Maeckel
Siro Giocatore
Clay Maeckel

François Gerard de Monteuil

The de Monteuil family was unfortunate enough to be on the border with Eisen. At one point, the estate was overrun by one of the princes, and the resulting treaty ceded the land to Eisen when François was a wee tyke. François is the youngest of three brothers, so he is a noble without land or title currently. He grew up as a fencer and courtier in the court of Montaigne. However, he has little income, and so is currently out and about in the world trying to make his way. He is ambitious, and pompous, an outrageous flirt, and very conceited. It's amazing he has survived as long as he has, but he seems to have the luck of a cat. He is still young and cocky and arrogant and, like all 22 year-old males, thinks he is invincible.


Reise Thorsen

Reise Thorsen was born during the harvest festival. The one day that all in the country, Vendel and Vestemannavnjar alike, celebrate that harken back to the old days. The days when the country was united. The days when people respected others, whether they were in front of them or not. The days when men still respected the gods. The days before there were Vendel. Reise wasn't born just on that day, but during the actual celebration of it.

Reise was the proof that Host, the Harvest God, still had power in the world. The ceremony was done with relics of all the old gods in place. An old man with the vision of Fornuft had foretold that one would come that could bring peace between the Vendel and Vestenmannavnjar. Reise was the one foretold.

Like most prophecies, it is incredibly vague and was interpreted by different people in different ways. Some think it means he will lead the Vestenmannavnjar in war to destroy Vendel as Styrke would have. Others think that he will convince the Vendel to come back to the old ways as Kyndighet would have. A very few, have other ideas. What does Reise think? Unsure. All he knows is that if he concentrates very hard, the old gods will fill him with their spirit and aid him. He has felt almost all of them at one time or another.

Reise was a very large and strong child. He grew up working in the forge. He grew strong there and familiar with the tools of war, and the tools of the farm. Some people only noticed the weapons of war that he made, giving hope to the ones that would destroy the Vendel. Others saw the plows, forks, spades, and hoes and thought he would understand the harvest, his birth day. That he would have understanding and see the horror of weapons. He trained with the battle axe on and off.

Although Reise is but 16 years old, he stronger and larger than most men. Once full grown he will be a giant among men.


Rudolf "Rudy" Lustigreisen

Rudy's father was a successful blacksmith and Rudy grew up in front of an anvil. He was never happy sitting still and spent a lot of time running around with the neighborhood kids when he was supposed to be working.

Rudy's parents sent him away to one of the finest military academies to help instill a strong sense of discipline in him, a trait important to all good Eisens. Rudy managed to pick up the basics of some military skills, but partied way too hard and graduated two years late and last in his class.

Rudy loved the sound of the big guns and his tremendous strength was put to best use in the artillery. He was always well-loved by his men for his camaraderie and bawdy sense of humor. He was always hated however by his superior officers for his utter lack of discipline and open disregard for authority.

Rudy spent twenty years in the artillery and never rose above the rank of sergeant. He spent many of those years busted down to even lower ranks. Rudy's unit was decimated during a battle between Montaigne and Castillian armies during the recent war that left Eisen the mud-soaked wasteland it is today. The petty king his unit served was killed and Rudy found himself unemployed.

Rudy then joined the crew of an Avalon merchant ship, where his skills with the guns allowed him to quickly earn the rank of Gunner's Mate. Even the relatively lax discipline of a merchantman was chafing to Rudy and he spent quite a few watches under the cat. After two years of this, Rudy has left his commission and is looking for a position as a Master Gunner on any ship that will have him, and doesn't mind looking the other way during his "occasional diversions".

Rudy is a huge man, with a booming voice and a commanding presence. He has incredible physical characteristics and moves his bulk with unbelievable grace. He is always happy, even under the most dire of circumstances and believes that everyone is his friend, even when they're shooting at him.

Rudy's favorite pastimes are eating, wenching, and dancing. He's most comfortable hanging out in seedy taverns and telling old war stories. He is good natured and won't permit anybody to suffer, particular all those stuffed shirts whose collars are too tight.


Rudolpho Padilla -- Two People: One Soul

[In progress] I have spent many years traveling and training. Everyday is a new experience; a new challlenge. Who will I meet? What will I see? Will anyone find out my true identity? Will today be the day it all ends? Or is today it all begins? Should I trust those I am currently traveling with?&endash;Each day I open my eyes I ask myself these questions.

My name is, well, it does not matter. I am of noble Castillian blood. My parents were well known in the northern part of the country. As is the custom among many of the nobles, a marriage was arranged in order to increase influence and power. When I turned eighteen, I was wed. The arrangement worked as planned until there was a dispute over who truly owned part of the newly merged lands.

I lived my early years among the nobility of the Castillian court. I passed the time dancing and learning the social graces in preparation for my adult life. Here the sublte nuances of diplomacy and tact and espionage were practiced. I walked among the adults; I talked with the adults. I observed who had the power, who had respect and who knew how achieve both.

I trained in the Castillian ways of the sword. Among the nobility, knowledge in swordplay is status. So, my parents saw to it that I was schooled in these arts. I looked forward to honing my skills each morning when my father and I would spar. It was our time together. Mother would not interfere. This was the time he and spoke of the future, and how our family would shape it.

I spent years studying in the Castillian university. It was a priviledge of my noble status. My mother carefullly guided me to the proper courses to take about religion, politics, and our country's history while my father made sure that all my time at the university was well invested. Contacts were made; friendships were forged. The pieces were coming together for me.

It was during the time at the university that my marriage was arranged. One of the scholars there was from a family in the lands adjacent to ours. Through this common contact, my parents met my future inlaws. They got to know each other quite well, and it was decided that an intermingling of our lands would be benificial to both parties. An agreement was forged. My future spouse and I were to marry when we completed our university schooling.

I was married two weeks after I finished university. It was a nice, politically advantageous marriage. I had knowledge and power. Unfortunately I did not garner respect from some factions of the family I became a part of . There were some disputes over whether or not the agreements made where correct. Dissention began to increase. Soon, it was overwhelming.

One evening on a private ride, tragedy struck. The person who was part of my politically advantageous partnership had also become the person I loved. Those eyes, that smile meant everything to me. All of it was shattered in one moment. An arrow found it's way to my love's heart. I was taken by force and banished from my lands. Lands I will take back someday.

I do not know what happened to my parents after that day. I have not heard anything about them. I want to let them know that I am alive. I want to let them know that I care about them. I want to tell what I have become. Perhaps I will try to cross those lands I have been sent away from. Perhaps I can reach them in person and tell them what happened that night.

I value my time alone. It is during these moments that I can drop all facades and be who I am without fear. It is time I have to plan and scheme the demise of those foul people. I need more in order to achieve this goal. I will find a way to right the wrong done to me and my people. It is something I have promised myself.


Siro "Scimmo" Giocatore

Siro was raised on one of the Vodacce islands. His parents were well known entertainers and were raising him to take his place beside them, but during his youth Siro only played bit parts being more interested in running the backstage mechanics of the show and showing his girlfriend of the week how some of the tricks were done. When he was sixteen his parents suddenly disappeared. There have been rumors that because of the biting commentary of the Inquisition that was sometimes part of the show that Verdugo's minions had them dragged away and others claim that they are on the run from the local Vodacce prince because of clever joke they created about his wife.

Siro's uncle was a sailor in the Vodacce navy and convinced him that the sailor life was the way to get out of the dangerous entertainment business and to help forget whatever happened to his parents. Siro never talks about the disappearance or what he thinks happened to his parents. As a sailor for five years Siro has seen quite a few of the seaports of Theah (and the women at each) and has managed to pick up most of the major languages. Fellow sailors are always amused of the number of women he seems to fall in love with and are not surprised when he tells them that he needs to get out of town quickly.

After the first year on the same ship with his uncle, Siro has spent most of his time shifting to different ships to see more of the world (and women) and to stay away from Vodacce (and women's husbands) as much as possible. He has been a topsman for all of his sailing career and would most likely be promoted to Master of the Tops if he ever stayed on a single ship for long enough. His nickname of "monkey" comes from his skill of scampering over the rigging and the ability to drop to the deck without hurting himself.

Siro does have a secret past which can be read here for those who just have to know.

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