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Male Human Scout
Joe Buccelli
Female Human Ranger
Patty Maeckel
Female Human Rouge
Jennifer Krull
Male Human Wizard
Mike Buckalew
Male Elf Druid
Rick Reynolds
Male Human
Jerome Lanig
Mail Human Cleric
Clay Maeckel



Ahote means restless one. His father always said he was a little too much like his grandfather for his own good. Where as his father is very traditional and a hunter with a fairly high status in the tribe, his grandfather had spent some time adventuring away from the tribe to learn of the lands abroad, and told Ahote many stories of his adventures "Filling his head with nonsense". Ahote was a favorite of his grand father who took him under his wing and taught him to read and write ancient Flan, how to track and be aware of his surroundings.

He had been an observer all his life; and never quite fit in with others his age; he always felt that there was something calling him away from the tribe, which only strengthened the bond between him and his grandfather and they spent a great deal of time together.

When his grandfather passed on and left Ahote his weapons and armor and a few other things, Ahote knew it was time to leave the Barrens.



So before you is a young human girl - 16 years old. Not stunning, but cute, and has obviously put some effort into her appearance. Tight black studded leather armor. Blond hair, brown eyes. Rapier and other gear. Savvy enough to know there is no way she can hold her own by herself, and is really excited to have joined up with a group of "Adventurers... oh, sorry, Avi, 'Ex-plooor-ers. What-ever. As long as it's not living in a cage." [Whispering to the group members (Inkvine, Ahote, and Lorak) who have just met her and Avi, and not really caring who hears, "Watch out for that one. She could beat you to death with those maces, and is a contender for the 'Couldn't Have Fun If You Paid Me and Hired a Tutor Award'."



Eugen was born 28 years ago, at the height of a terrible storm. The Cruski people are hardy and brave, but few are expected to survive the birth process in such weather. Eugen's tribe only sees such an event once in a lifetime. They call those chosen few 'Stormbrother'.

[Hmmm, need cool tribe name]

Like all Ice Barbarians, Eugen grew up strong and brave. He learned the arts of hunting and reaving as soon as he could heft a weapon. His skill at arms was matched only by his intellect. When the others would lie in drunken stupor at the end of a hunt, Eugen would listen to the stories of the elders and read the old writings.

His hunger for knowledge drove him to visit an ancient sacred site of his people. He left the camp alone, for none showed an interest in such things beside Eugen. His visit was not by coincidence, for the tribe's chief priest gave hints of the site's existence and of it's hidden secrets.

At the site, the teenaged Eugen was captured by mercenaries and delivered to the Scarlet Brotherhood. The priest had traded Eugen's freedom for promises of alliance with the mysterious cult from the far south. The Brotherhood had taken him for they recruit those of pure Suel blood and an aptitude for magic.

Eugen spent more than 10 years in the isolated fortress of the Brotherhood, hidden deep in the northern mountains. There he was trained in the powers of magic and indoctrinated in the ways of the Brotherhood. But most important, he learned of his heritage. Of the ancient power wielded by the Suloise Empire.

The Brotherhood could never break Eugen's barbarian spirit. He chose to play along with their teachings so he could learn more about spellcasting and the power of knowledge. The most important lesson he learned is that swords and bows pale in comparison to the raw power of arcane magic.

Although he felt betrayed and abandoned by his tribe, there was one who lived like a brother to him. This brother was named Lux and she never forgot Eugen and eventually tracked him down to the Brotherhood's mountain fastness. Together, they affected Eugen's escape and moved west and south in search of adventure.

Eugen is weathered and looks somewhat old for his age. He is huge and powerfully built. He has weather-reddened skin, long blonde hair and beard, and pale ice blue eyes. He wears the traditional garb of his people, heavy fur cloak over chain and loincloth, with heavy fur gloves and boots, leaving the mid-arm and legs exposed. His mithral chain shirt was removed from an undeserving Brother when he left the encampment, his greatsword and bow brought by Lux.

He is a wizard by training, and loves nothing more than blasting his enemies with the powers of the storm: wind, cold, and lightning. His barbarian upbringing also gives him a martial legacy which few wizards share.

Eugen is cold and brooding when others are pondering or hesitating. He laughs heartily at the thought of battle, and stops at nothing to destroy those who oppose him. For those who stand beside him, he offers encouragement and is the first to slap his companions on the back after a well fought battle. He has nothing but contempt for the weak of heart or of action. Woe to the weak who stand against him, for they will fall to his power. His battle laugh can be disturbing, but is nothing compared to his uncontrollable maniacal cackling at the thought of gaining some new magical power.

In spite of his fierce appearance and demeanor, Eugen is a scholar. The sight of him, with his wild looks and unkempt hair, pouring over an ancient tome, is unnerving. He desires nothing more than to attain the power of his heritage, to become a spellcaster rivaling his ancient ancestors. He does not seek temporal power, he has little use for armies or nations, but merely wants to wield earthshaking magic.

At his heart, however, he is still a Cruski. In addition to power, he respects strength, bravery, personal loyalty, and brotherhood. He is looking for a group of adventurers he can use to further his goals of personal power, but will undoubtedly bond with any fellow travelers who exhibit the above characteristics.

He will pursue any adventurer where he might come away with more knowledge or magic, or both. He will pursue other adventures if his brothers require it, but will look to gain personal benefit as well. It is good that he keeps his friends close, for his enemies are strong, and always on his trail.



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