Ernst Edward Maeckel Family Pictures


Ernst Edward Maeckel and Franciska Maresh {Maeckel}

Mathilde Kudlacek {Maeckel} and Edward Otto Maeckel

Edward and Mathilde Maeckel

Leon Maeckel, Mathilde Kudlacek {Maeckel}, Shirley Krueger {Maeckel}, Olga Koepke {Maeckel}, Lorene Maeckel {Brown}, Marvin Maeckel, Beverly Brown, and Leland Maeckel taken December 1974. Leon and Olga Maeckel are from the Ernst Wilhelm Maeckel branch.

Lorene Maeckel {Brown}, Leland Maeckel, and Edith Maeckel {Betts} at the Industy Betheren Church April 1999.

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Last updated October 21, 1999