Ernst Wilhelm Maeckel Family Pictures

Ernst Wihelm Maeckel died in 1901 at age 31 and his wife Emma Moebus soon remarried to Julius Breitkreutz. Julius and Emma raised Ernst's three children in addition to there own two near Poth, Texas.


The top row of adults from left to right are Mary Voss {Moebus}, Hatti Breitkreutz {Tietjen}, Alfred Breitkreutz, Emma Moebus {Breitkreutz}, Leon Maeckel, Julius Breitkreutz, Leslie Maeckel, Lillie Maeckel {Albert}, Alyce Albert {Maeckel}, Charlie Albert. The lower row of children are Lester Tietjen, Harvey Albert, Eleanor Albert, Elvyn Tietjen, and Charlton Albert. Circa 1928.

Lillie Emilie Maeckel {Albert} and Charles Christian Albert, 1915

Leon Maeckel served in the U.S. army for a short time being sent to France in 1918 right at the end of World War I. This is the postcard he sent to Alyce Albert. She later married Leon's bother, Leslie Maeckel.


Five generations of Moebes. Top - Eleanor Albert {Schimcek} and Lillie Maeckel {Albert}. Middle - Mary Voss {Moebes} and Emma Moebes {Maeckel}. Bottem - Iris Schimcek. Circa 1938.

Mathilde Kudlacek {Maeckel}, Leon Maeckel, Olga Koepke {Maeckel} taken December 1974. Mathilde is from the Ernst Edward Maeckel branch.

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