Wild Coast Locations


Sir Key - in charge, human St. Cuthbertian
Gilflax - town's mage, currently missing and assumed taken to the Underdark


Old News
Zohrn was a local magic user who ran the town of Telemark for quite some time. He was thought dead when Lord Keiv's friend, Sir Faegyn Crowyrd (sp?), The Crimson Knight, took charge of the town. Later Zohrn finished the process of turning into an undead (a Lich that can cast spells from the ninth circle) so he can continue his studies of magic. Upon finding someone else running the town, killed Lord Crimson with a meteor swarm. See Magnus's story for more details.

Recent News

Lord Keiv and Craclefer recently prepared themselves and went to Telemark to rid the world of the lich. They were successful but not without taking many wounds themselves.

Keep of the First Rock

Lord Keiv of Shadowbane - in charge, a human Heironian knight
Cracklefer - Keep's mage
Lady Shala - Keep's priestess, rescured by us from the Underdark

Teleport Distances

>= 10 and < 100 to Dwarf Mine, Grell Room, and View Room
>= 100 and < 1000 to Greyhawk

Last News

Raids in the north with a 30 foot ball of light that hurts creatures. High level mages are assisting in the raids and Orcs now have a new method of transportation.

Other Visitors

Another group of adventurers traveled into the Underdark from Keep. It includes a human priestess of Bocab The Uncaring who is looking for priest who was taken. Triana Whisperwave, a human , led the group which also consisted of other humans, elves and a gnome.


Lord Slag - in charge, dwarf

Other News

Town used to be called Pascoral and run by Lord Herigan, but Lord Slag has taken over. Bera was interested in Lord Herigan because she has heard he wields a flaming two handed sword. Angus received a large donation for the church when he and Sev visited with Lord Slag.

Recent News

This is town where we teleported the evil mage that gave us a map to some famous tree of the Elves.

Tower of the Crow

Last News
Party head south of the Hag Cave entrance to try to stop an exchange of treasure, gems, and magic items from the Underdark for two people of importance. Didn't get there in time to stop the exchange. Killed a stone giant but its two companions (an Illithad and Drow) escaped. Tower is manned by a Fire (?) Giant and (?).


Key locations
Giliam's Tower - This is where all our money is going to!
Church of Pelor - Where we are not welcome to ask for resurrections any more but we are still welcomed because of our help to Giliam and other tasks we do. Especially now that we have left them with a very powerful magical device that allows them to damn evil creatures, sometimes even without a saving throw.
School of Magic - Pendecar is a member of the guild here.

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