Flux Points

Points we know how to get to from the surface

View Room (Map)
The room where Sev saw the army coming up from the Underdark to attack the keep. Contains only a one way window looking into the passage that leads from the Keep to the old Ork camp.
Grell Room (Map)
Now halfway flooded and now the well guarded part of the water path to the Quatoa city. Did manage to capture and interrogate a Derro mage that was talking to a Quatoa at the entrance to the Grell room. The Derro Mage, Zixchow (sp?), says the City of the Glass Pool has four large aqueduct size pipes that bring in water. Buildings have air and are connected. Aqueducts are not guarded. Outside and all around are guarded by Derro servants and flying spiders. A very brilliant Derro is helping the Abelath to build the item. There is a passage from bottom of city to where the fish is building the item. Derro seem to kill Drow for their stuff. We ended up sending Zixchow to the Dark One's Room. Also see Bera's account of the last fight there.
Genie Room (Map)
The Genie, Annalall Jas Lee,will want 100 gp gem per person to pass his room and made a cryptic remark that all belongs to earth which most likely means that he is from the elemental plain of earth. There was a curtain behind his seating area that may hide a passage. The door we came in was sealed, but one of the bricks slide out to allow entrance.
Lizard Cave (Map)
Used to have a two headed 30 foot silver white lizard coiled on top of a large pile of small bones and coins. See the diary from the Medusa Tower about the lightsnake. All that is left is the flux point, bones, and passages lead to the Medusa Tower and the BlackEvilDeath Cave. We have also done a religious service in here for the members of the other adventuring party that lost party members here.
Hag Cave (Map)
Small room with tables, fireplace, beds, and a pool, now the well guarded land dry to the Quatoa city. There is an exit from the cave to the forests that are just south of Slagstand. The Hag cave now seems to be the main entrance to the surface for the inhabitdents of the underdark. It is well guarded by day and night and would require a fair size force to close it down.

The last time we were in this cave we freed four mage/priest prisoners that were on their way to the the Quatoa city. One was Shauna, Priestess of Elona, who seems to take care of the forest outside the cave entrance and she says she owes us a favor for killing the hag tree and freeing her. Jacob and Nira were two mages that we sent back to the Keep and the last prisoner was Velaum, an Orc priest of the one eyed god Grumpshir (sp?). We released him because he was fighting against the Tiroshmoc (sp?) also because they had elf blood.

Keep Clearing (Map)
Now buried and unusable.
Zen's Room (Map)
Staircase leading up to a black door. Seven foot tall human looking creature that can see though invisibility spotted Sev the first time he was the there. The seven foot tall guy is a Paire (sp?) named Zen and he's been guarding the door for 700+ years and can call for reinforcements. Is seems a group of powers from the other plains want to keep this door shut. He tells us that this prime holds some of the brightest stars and deepest darkest holds in all the planes. Iouze's (sp?) plane this is. He tells about the Abelath...a large brilliant fish with one eye, magical, sagish, psionic. It has four tentacles that turn flesh to slime (which must be kept wet), can give water breathing, and can live in both salt and fresh water. Bera likes him a lot, darn.

We found out what Zen was guarding when we landed on the ice island looking for what the Medusa was suppose to destroy. When the lich was destroyed, Zen's job was over and he left. Later we found out that he visited Greyhawk to see Bera and that she is now with child!

Points that have had a party visit

Dark One's Room
A circular room lime stone deposits in beautiful shapes some similar to coral in lighted shades of blue, deep purple, green, etc. The wall almost resembles a seascape scene. Off in an alcove is a bed and furniture. On the bed is a dark Elfish looking person who calls herself the the "Dark One Who Dwells Alone," and it may or may not be undead/vampire. It told Fennorath of a huge mind fish (Abelath) that commands the Illithid and others. It is crafting an new terrible item, and it appears to be using spell casters to fuel its work. If anyone ever finds a piece of writing in lavender ink, it is meant for Fennorath. He gave up a magic item for us to pay our way because we didn't have the 500 gp she asked us for bothering her. Other passages lead from the room.
Go Away Room
Large smooth cavern room, 100 meters at least, filled with a soft purple glow. Drowish voices tells arrivals to go away. Says there are not other exits and that this voice will not be here again.
Hand Island
Island surrounded by rippling salt water. Pier like outcropping into water has a ten foot tall rock with a smooth surface facing the island. There is a dwarf size hand print four feet up from the base of the rock on the smooth side. Fennorath went catatonic when he put his hand in there which required the use of a limited wish spell Cracklefur had been saving to heal him. During this time period, Bera took advantage of Fennorath's helplessness and discovered that his fangs come from his mouth, that really amazes Bera.

Points Sev have briefly visited

Anvil Mesa
Four dwarf armies facing an anvil on a mesa of a large stalagmite. Not sure if armies were alive or animated.
Salt water.
Throne Room
Throne sets on the flux point. Large number of Derro with their jumping spiders in room. Tunnel that faces the throne has a warded gate at it's entrance. This could be what the map of the Derro Hold shows.
Lobster Room
Wall of room with twelve foot statue of a lobster with legs bisects the flux point. Teleporters must grab top of stalagmite to avoid falling fourteen feet down. Square room contains a square pool with large lobster like creatures in the water. Four Quatoa statues are at each corner of the pool on the mother of pearl walkway. One live Quatoa, a water canal, and two doors are also in the room. At the base of the lobster statue is a large shell filled with pearls and gem stones. The statues also animates and attack with two claws and a bite that can hit an well armored person without putting much effort into it. Also Sev was at minus two for everything because of how "wrong" the room felt.
Illithid Nursery
Large tadpoles with big brains swimming around in purple pool. Illithid mothers around rest of cave. Fun place.
Fungus Room
A room full of funguses and the landing spot is on a steep slope.

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