Clay Maeckel's Home Page

My ex-wife and I raised Shelties, there is
a camera pointing at
Via Contenta or
there are other family
pictures here. ->

 <- Check out the Maeckel or Slaby family pages,
   pictures of me in
Halloween costumes or of
nieces. Here is a listing of friend's home pages.

I first went to school in the East Central 
School District and then went to college 
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. ->


 <- My real job is to work on FileMaker Pro, you
   can see me in
my cube at work, or download
   my shareware product,

My wife and I are into role playing games
For people with DSL or cable modems, 
here are some
QuickTime movies ->

Recent Updates

Gamers Dinner 2006
Sonia's Eulogy
Party at Lenoria's June 2007

You can reach me at: